Thames Valley Fly Dressers




 Next Meeting

 Thursday  31st October & 7th November 2019 at 19.30

 at the Flower Pot Aston RG9 3DG

New members are very welcome.

Free fly tying lessons available

The Programme

This next two weeks’ tying programmes are:

Bronze: Wet Fly Soldier Palmer / Black Damsels

Silver: Ginger Quill Winged Dry Fly / Wet Winged Flies – Blae & Black

Gold: Invicta / Colonel Fuller

Grayling:  Nymphs & Caddis

Stillwater: Minnow Muddler - for last half hour before dusk imitating Sedges – worked again last night on Draycote…)

Or just come along and tie your own flies for fishing, or come and have a natter and a pint – all are welcome!


10 minute Demo

Any volunteers for a demo this Thursday?

Please can you all volunteer to give one 10 Minute Demo each during this next season?  All welcome!

Materials & Tools for New Starters

If you have any small quantities of common fly tying materials, or redundant tools, – please bring them along so we can make up an instant starter kit for new comers.

FDG Branch Chairman’s Fly Tying Competition

Don’t forget to research and prepare your entries for Geoff’s Fly Tying Competition – one example of each of three stages in the life of a Procloeon pennulatum (Large Spurwing).  Tie one example of each of 3 Stages: Nymph + Emerger + Dun or Spinner by late April 2020.

FDG Branch Fly Tying Competition

3 examples of Flies to be ready for our Meeting on Thu 12th December.  Patterns in FDG Fly Dresser Summer 2019.  Entry categories:

Novice / Bronze: The Red Zebra Devil Nymph #14

Trout: The Adams #12

Salmon: The Cascade #12

Reminders for your Diaries

Sat 26th Oct – London Branch Auction in Croxley Green – Fly Tying Tools & Materials. Fishing Books

Thu 31st Oct - TV FDG Fly Tying at the Flowerpot

Thu 7th Nov - TV FDG Fly Tying at the Flowerpot

Thu 28th Nov - TV FDG Fly Tying at the Flowerpot

Thu 5th Dec – TV FDG Fly Tying at the Flowerpot

Thu 12th Dec – Pub Supper, TV Branch AGM, & Branch Fly Tying Competition Judging – make sure you have your entries ready!

The Chairman's Up-wing Trophy: 2020 Upwing Challenge 2020



River Test Photo’s

Grayling 29 October 2019