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Tuesday 29 December 2015

 December 2015

Our last trip of the season for grayling today and clearly the weather had not read the forecast. We assembled with pelting rain - it was supposed to be sunny. The rain had made the grass very slippy and so we had the new experience of pushing the cars onto the fishing. Paul struggled to get traction and so John A, Richard and Peter tried to move him but to no avail. "Muscles Watkins" was called into action and at that point his car surged into the parking.

The river was very clear and by the time we started fishing the sun was shining. Nymphs caught most of the fish and as Alex was not with us Skwirmee Wormee’s were very much in evidence. It was Skwirmees and pink shrimps that caught the bulk of the fish. In the afternoon there were some spinners about and a few brave souls tried dries. They got some fish up to them but they seemed more interested in head-butting the flies.

We ended the day with about 100 fish and some really nice grayling. John A once again leaving it late for a superb grayling - is he the Alex Ferguson of fishing?

The grass had dried out by the time we left and so we no issue for getting off the field.

A great season with over 400 fish - lets hope for a great 2016.

Look what you  can catch

With a squirmy worm !