Thames Valley Fly Dressers




Saturday 14 November 2015

On Wednesday with the weather forecast looking terrible for the weekend Mrs Watson and Mrs Ellis starting expressing their view that it was unsuitable weather for fishing. Anyway as the week wore on the forecast got better and when we got there the weather had not bothered to read the forecast at all. It was lightly raining with no wind. The morning session was dominated by catching on nymphs and by lunchtime we had over 60 fish to the bank. Bright coloured bead headed nymphs with a hotspot did the most damage. 

After lunch the weather got worse with steady rain and a strengthening wind. As no egg flies were in use the rain fell evenly on all fisherman. We stopped about 3:30pm with over 110 fish caught and some sizeable grayling. It was then that Alex and Richard discovered the downside of four wheel drive - you can drive your own car off but have to push everyone else’s.

A really good day and well worth going