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Secretary's 11th Annual Trip to Wimbleball June 2015

Report on the annual visit to Lake Wimbleball, Somerset. – My 11th, John Alcock’s 3rd.

Staying as usual at Holworthy Farm B&B. Wonderful lake views, Wi-Fi and BB & 4 course evening meal all for £50. – With discount if you stay for 7 nights.

We stopped at Clatworthy on the way down for an afternoons fishing and were surprised to find that there were only a few folks fishing. Compared to this time last year Clatworthy  wasn’t at its best and we both struggled. I picked a few wild brownies off the top otherwise I would only have tallied 3 fish in 2 visits, Jonno didn’t fare any better.

This year the lake level was just about right for bank anglers at both venues, down far enough to provide a decent back cast and still have a decent level of water in front of you. With the wind blowing in the right direction you could hope for a decent cast and plenty of terrestrials on the water to hold the fish in front of you. Well, that’s the theory! In practice it worked 3 days out of 5. So on Monday, Wednesday and Friday we had plenty of sport. Tuesday and Saturday we really struggled. Sunday and Thursday we were at Clatworthy. Friday was the bumper day when I finished the day with 17 fish and Jonno with 12.

We had a good week weather wise but the wind was a major factor. It was either with us blowing beetles onto the lake or against us making casting very hit and miss! Moving wasn’t always an option as on Saturday there was a rowing regatta right along the bank we would rather have been fishing, but you can’t necessarily have things all your own way!

We were well looked after by Gillian as usual and had some fun and interesting conversations with the other guests, who included Giuseppe, a novice angler of Italian descent, a South African fisherman being assessed for his AAPGAI qualification, Roger Miles from North London who with local man Bryan Martin were doing the assessing. Finally a couple from Carshalton who were there as Exmoor is a designated Dark Sky Area. So hopefully the sky cleared on Sunday so that the star gazing party was a success. – We also caught a glimpse of another guest staying the night. Dame Judi Dench!! Can you believe it!! She is the partner of Gillian’s Brother David Mills. He owns and runs the British Wildlife Centre in Lingfield Surrey.

The weeks tally. –

John W – Wimbleball 39. Clatworthy 8. – Which included 5 Brownies to 2lb and for the first time 2 Rudd!

John A - Wimbleball 26. Clatworthy 2.

The only problem with Wimbleball week is that it here and gone far too quickly!

Names will be being taken soon to join us in 2016.

Wimbleball is less than 3 hours away, 7 days fishing, food and accommodation for around £450:00. - We may even be able to get a deal on the fishing next year. Watch this space!

Flies for 2016.


Brown Elk Hair Emerger/Sedge

Bibio & Bibio Hopper.

Wooly Buggers.

Disco Beetle.

John W