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TVFD Saturday 12th  January 2013

Fishing Report Wherwell January 12 2013

This was to be the last Grayling trip of the season. We met by the lodge at 8.30 am, there were 4 of us, Richard, Geoff, John and Adrian. We handed our money over to the ever cheerful Robbie (no health & safety warnings this time) and proceeded to change into our waders and rig up.

The weather was challenging, wet with gusts of wind and temperature around 5C. We were surprised by the amount of ground water around the beats .There was much more than on our previous visit on the 29th December. The river was running fast with some colour and encroaching over the banks.

The fish were hunkering down and difficult to locate it was a question of finding slow running runs where the fish did not have to use up energy  fighting the current.

25 fish were caught and returned in total. Heavy nymphs were flies of the day .The afternoon being more prolific than the morning. The weather did improve slightly for the afternoon session.

Fishing ceased at 3.30pm. Despite the weather we had all had an enjoyable day.

A thank you to Richard for organising all the Grayling trips it has been much appreciated.