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TVFD Saturday 29th December 2012

Fishing Report  December 29 2012

The drive down to the Test was windy and wet, not unexpected as the forecasters had been telling us this all week. Meeting outside the farm at 8.30am. We timidly approached the river along the track not wanting to get our vehicles bogged down in the soft ground, however all was well.

As can be seen from the photographs the river was running quite high and encroaching in some places on to the bank. During the morning there was heavy rain and strong winds. The river was running fast, reasonably clear and choppy. During the afternoon the wind did drop and experienced  some dry periods.

Nymph fishing was the order of the day along with success being achieved with Klinkhammers and the Elk Hair Emerger (think John Watkins). A total of 60 fish were caught on the day.

Fishing ceased at 15.45. We all had an enjoyable time and kept dry, chest waders having  been the order of the day. With a couple of heaves all the vehicles managed to make a dignified exit.