Thames Valley Fly Dressers




TVFD Saturday 22nd December 2012  Wherwell

Checking on the Environmental web site the night before, there were no flood warnings in place for the Test. The drive down to Wherwell was accompanied by pouring rain, a main feature of the day to come.

Four members turned out,Richard,Richard E ,Nigel (guest of Richard)  and John. Paid our money to the Bailiff who to quote “I only worn groups once, the river is quite high, the banks very slippy and be careful when getting in and out of the river you may break an arm or leg.” Three repeated warnings later he wished us a Merry Christmas and left.

The main course of the river was quite high but not overflowing however the smaller carrier was tending to overflow its banks. The water was quite clear as the river is spring fed.

We had plenty of space to fish as we were the only party out that day.  Richard E fished upstream and had some success with a Read Headed Bead.  Further downstream there were shooters in the woods evident by the gun shots and shouting. We considered that the noise caused the fish to lower their heads and stop  feeding. That was our excuse anyway.

After a disappointing morning catch we adjourned to the lodge for lunch. Richard Elbro provided an excellent Lunch for all the party .Complete with  proper plates and cutlery washed down by hot mulled wine. Seated in the lodge we witnessed numerous Rainbow Trout in the Small Stillwater Fishery opposite supping the surface. Oh what damage a Terry’s Terror would have wrought.

The afternoon session commenced. The fishing again was quite hard, fish inclined to ignore most nymphs and flies presented to them. The shooters could not be blamed this time as they had adjourned to the local hostelry.

Fishing ceased at 4pm as the light was fading. Eleven fish was the catch and release for the day. Heavy rain experienced most of the day with temperatures between 10c-12c. Nevertheless all managed to keep dry with the aid of waders and jackets. The drive home was in heavy rain.

Ps Apologies no group photograph this time. Members refused to cooperate as no attractive Ghillie had been provided.