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TVFD Tuesday 18th December 2012 Grayling Trip Paul,David,Richard E,Richard E,John & Chloe(Ghille) RICHARD’S CHRISTMAS TREAT HE BROUGHT ALONG HIS GHILLE

The weather was perfect for Grayling Fishing on Tuesday. We five met at 8.30 by the farm. What a pleasant surprise Richard provided us with Chloe a local Ghillie.

Rods were all rigged by 9am and by 9.10 Paul was into a fish on the bend by the corner. The River was running high and at the the end of the beat was overflowing on to the banks. The fish were very responsive to the nymphs on offer, particularly the shrimp. The Terry’s Terror also proved popular with the fish.   In the morning there were sporadic catches of Grayling.

Lunch was at 12.30 and prior to the restart of fishing the traditional Group Photograph was taken. Chloe was a great sport as she stripped down to her waders much to everyone's delight. Unfortunately for the rest of the session she had to wear something warmer as it got a little chilly.

The afternoon proved as productive as the morning . David found a particular good  spot where he caught at least 4 fish within 15 minutes. All the fish were of a good size and gave a good fight for your money. I believe more Grayling were caught in the afternoon session, but throughout the day they were difficult to find. There was also Sea Trout in evidence.

The light failed at around 4pm and fishing stopped. In all over 70 fish were landed and returned.

Once again we had a very pleasant and satisfying day with temperatures between 4C and 6C sunny spells and little wind. With a kiss on each of our cheeks Chloe wished us Merry Christmas waved and disappeared into the sunset.